Research & Tools: Research Strategies

*Genealogy for Beginners

  • Just starting your genealogy journey? This quick guide discusses different forms and sites to make your genealogy research successful.

Census Records and Research

  • Tip, tricks, and strategies for successfully locating and navigating census records.

Citing Sources in your Genealogy

  • Documenting your source information is important not only to you, allowing you to retrace your steps and locate conflicting information, but it is also important to others finding connections within your family tree.

FAN Research

  • FAN stands for Family, Associates, and Neighbors. Learn how these FANs can help you track down your ancestors.

Reverse Genealogy

  • Normally in Genealogy we go from the known, typically people of like generations, to the unknown (our ancestors). Occasionally it’s helpful to turn the apple cart upside down and work from older to younger, or use what’s called Reverse Genealogy.

Using Directories for your Research

  • Directories are a wonderful source of information. This article discusses the ways directories are organized and provides tips on how to find directories and get the most out of their content.

Working with Photographs

  • Information on how to find, use, identify time periods, organize, protect, and preserve photos for genealogical research.

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