1915 Everett School Census


The 1915 Everett School Census Project data file contains 12 data columns.

  • Column 1 – the WARD (1 through 7), plus WHALEBACK precinct (WH) and PINEHURST precinct (PI)
  • Column 2 – CENSUS PAGE NUMBER (from the census sheet)
  • Column 3 – NAME OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN ( in those cases where a child’s surname differs from that of the parent or guardian, the CHILD’S NAME has been entered in this column as well with a, “SEE –” cross reference in Column 4)
  • Column 4 – NAME OF CHILD (see note for Column 3 above)
  • Column 5, 6, 7 – the MONTH, DAY, and YEAR of birth
  • Column 8 – SEX
  • Column 9 – TOTAL ATTENDANCE (some enumerators wrote the number of weeks, some used “full”, etc.)
  • Column 10 – ADDRESS (sometimes a mailing address or a general location)
  • Column 11 – RESPONDENT (the person who provided the information to the enumerator, not always the same as the person named in Column 3)
  • Column 12 – NOTES (Unless stated otherwise, the notes are from the 1915 Polk Directory C-10 is the 1910 Federal Census, C-20 is the 1920 Federal Census)

The Project Data File uses the following SYMBOLS and ABBREVIATIONS

  • ASTERISK (*) – indicates that the information has been changed to agree with that contained in the NOTES column. An (*) after a name means that the spelling of that name has been changed from the original to that found in the Polk Directory. Many times, initials were used in the original, and when the Polk Directory gives the full name, that is given in Column 3 with an asterisk to so indicate.
  • EXCLAMATION POINT (!) – used in place of “sic”, information is NOT a transcription error or typo
  • W – in the NOTES column – “widow of” (from Polk Directory)
  • C-10 – information in the notes column from the 1910 Federal Census
  • C-20 – information in the notes column from the 1920 Federal Census
  • “hse” here – in notes column – householder at this address (from Polk Directory)
  • “res” here – in notes column – resides at this address (from Polk Directory)
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