Educational Resources

We’re not even going to try to give you a complete list of Educational Materials.

A complete listing of local events can be found on the Washington State Genealogical Society’s Meetings and Events page.

A good tutorial on Finding Useful Tutorials & Webinars About Genealogical Topics is Bob WItherspoon’s presentation at the April 2011 SIGS meeting.

Beyond that, Cyndi Ingle’s (Cyndi’s List) 4+ pages of Online Courses & Webinars, complete with annotations and an indication of whether or not they are free, does a far better and more comprehensive job than we could possibly do. Her Genealogical Education includes sections for all kinds of conferences, seminars, workshops, courses and a variety of other resources

But here are a few of our favorites:

The Family History Guide

BYU Family History Library – YouTube Videos

Michael John Neill’s Genealogy Website Recorded Webinars

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