1900 Everett City Directory

Introduction to the 1900 Everett City Directory

City Directory of Everett and Lowell 1900 compiled and published by THE EVERETT AND SNOHOMISH COUNTY DIRECTORY COMPANY EVERETT, WASHINGTON

1900 Everett City Directory

Image of the Bell-Nelson Mill courtesy of the Everett Public Library


       “In presenting the Everett City Directory to the public, the publishers desire to review the conditions that have existed since the last work of this kind was issued, viz: 1894-5.  The period covers five years, and the conditions varying and chaotic.  The first Directory was published during the “boom days”, the present, under entirely different circumstances, and the management feel gratified at the results they have to offer.  With all the setbacks of “booming”, Everett has more than held her own with other cities of the state.  The gain in population is about 3,000.  The canvass shows that Everett is just beginning to grow, and fifty houses suitable for working men could be made use of within a week.  Five large manufacturing establishments have been added to her industries within the limits of this canvass.

       “The Everett City Directory for 1900 contains 2721 names, Lowell 291, and by using 3 as a multiple, which is a very conservative estimate, this would give Everett a population of 8163, and Lowell 873;  making a total population of 9036 for the entire peninsula.”


The city directory used for this data file is NOT a “Polk Directory”. The format used, however, is much like that used by Polk. Please be aware that the data file is NOT a “transcription” of the directory. A “transcription” is a word for word (warts and all) rendition of a given work. THIS data file is an ENHANCED transcription – warts have been removed – errors in alphabetizing were corrected; names of businesses were spelled out rather than abbreviated as in the original; actual addresses where available were included, etc.

Names of businesses were NOT entered into the data file. The business information (type of business, address, etc.) was included in the listing for the owner, proprietor or manager.

The 1900 Everett City Directory data file contains 2440 names; the Preface (above) states that there are 2721 names. The difference may well be due to the deletion of business entries in the data file.

The 1900 Everett City Directory data file uses FIVE data columns.

  • Column  1 – surname
  • Column  2 – given name
  • Column  3 – occupation with address if available; not included for all names
  • Column  4 – type of residence (res=resides, bds=boards, rms=rooms)
  • Columns 5 – residence address; not included for all names
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