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Snohomish County Maps

Snohomish County Maps

LOSHO (the League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations) is taking an inventory of historical assets across unincorporated Snohomish County. They maintain a mapping system that allows users to overlay a variety of vintage maps accurately scaled to match modern survey references.

The maps allow users to easily compare the historical maps (including homestead lines) and modern parcel surveys and aerial photographs. 

While the mapping system is comprised of over 330GB of data (too much for them to conveniently share online), much of the capability has also been streamlined for online access:​

1) An interactive online map allowing the user to explore Snohomish County ca. 1910 can be accessed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone at:

2) An interactive online map allowing the user to overlay maps from 1910 through 1975, original homesteads, early railroads, and “County Corners”, and to explore them on a PC, tablet, or smartphone at:

3) A map of 465 significant items, comprised of a subset of the 2015 Historic Resource Scan contracted by Snohomish County augmented with LOSCHO additions, can be found at

You can find more information on their website.

Working with Probate Records

Working with Probate Records

Kathy Morrow put together a wonderful list of resources for working with probate records.

Why is working with probate records so important? Let’s face it, most of the people we research as genealogists are deceased. A probate record, the court-supervised process of validating a deceased’s will, can be very helpful in finding relations to that person, in discovering land holdings, or gleaning that nugget of information that will help you break through a persistent brick-wall. Knowing how these records work, how to find them, and the easiest way to navigate through the process can make these invaluable records a wonderful resource for your research.

Probate is the court-supervised process of validating a will if the deceased made one. Probate steps are similar even if there isn’t a will, and includes identifying assets and determining their value, paying outstanding bills and taxes, determining the care of dependents, and distributing the remainder of the estate to their rightful beneficiaries. Each state has specific laws in place, and there is generally a special probate court with its own judge. (Source: What is probate?)


For Beginners

Genealogy Terms

  • Testate: a person who died having made and left a legally valid will
  • Intestate: a person who died having made no will, or whose will is found not legally valid.

Quick Tips and Favorite Links

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Everything old is new again

Everything old is new again

In addition to our new monthly meeting location, the Library has been making some improvements to help you with your research even when you can’t physically visit us.

Our librarians are continuously reviewing our research material to make sure we have the most appropriate research material available and that we aren’t taking up valuable space with duplicates. What happens to those duplicates? We place them on our Used Book Shelf!

The Library is excited to announce that you can know look at available Used Book titles online. You can find this listing at .

We hope to have online payment available, however at this time you’ll either need to stop in the Library to pick-up and pay for your book or call us at 425-775-6267 to pay over the phone and arrange shipping. Shipping charges will be added to the cost of the book.

Take a look at the available books. You never know what gem you will find.

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